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K-BLOG # 26.2                                             A publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis                March 12, 2017

…another wonderful day in the neighborhood, as nearly 200 people from the Kiwanis family showed up to show their support for Kiwanis Family House yesterday, March 11th to participate in the 8th annual ‘March in March,’ fundraiser for the House. The day began with a sumptuous pancake breakfast provided by the East Sacramento club. Seen manning the grills in their true Kiwanis-style were Wayne, Anthony and President Josh, who cooked hundreds, if not thousands of golden brown pancakes.
   At about 9:30 am, ‘Hands Around the House’ took place with the group circling the House holding hands. It was literally a stretch.
   Then came the ‘March,’ with 30-40 clubs represented, including Kiwanis Clubs, Circle K clubs, the ever present Key Clubs, an Aktion club and one K-Kids club, (the Kiwanis group for 4th to 6th graders.) They walked, they ran, they skipped and moved in ways unimaginable to many.  One long time Kiwanian was heard to say that he never had that much energy at 16.
   Sac State Circle K took the lead in organizing the event for the third year. Results of how much was made will be tabulated and reported at a later date.
…that this coming Friday, March 17th, we will be meeting at Tahoe School to continue with our book identification project. We will do as much as we can before people go on their merry way. (BTW: You still must wear green or you WILL be fined the next week…) That’s all…

K-BLOG #23                                                         A publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis - February 3, 2017


   Charlie gave the final update on the Shrimp Feed/Tri-Tip Dinner at the Board Meeting.  He reported that though we were a little down from last year, we still exceeded our budget, which will allow us to put some money into the reserve fund, which may allow us to fund future projects.  Emphasis is on MAY.

   In addition to our folks and some family members, Key Club folks from Sheldon, Elk Grove, Monterey Trail, Florin, West Campus and Hiram Johnson helped out. Circle K from Sac State also helped after having come from their Division Council Meeting in Chico.  Thanx to all of our SLPs for helping out.

   Next up: Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt at McKinley Park on the Saturday before Easter.



   The February satellite meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 8th, at Josh's House, 8612 Brodie Ct. Elk Grove CA 95624.  Social at 6 pm, meeting at 6:30.   No need to sign up, just show up.


   February 17th will have us visiting Tahoe School, on 60th and Broadway, to continue with our library book project.  It will be in the stead of our regular Friday morning meeting.  Plan on arriving at 7 am.  We will discuss next week what we are going to do about eats.

   The library has about 1,000 books.  To date only about 150 books have been coded (no, not computer coded.)

It is the school’s effort to track their books better.

(As parking is very limited, you may plan on parking at KFH and carpooling to the site.)


K-BLOG #21                                                                                      a publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis     

January 21, 2017


   Saturday January 28th is the date for the club’s annual Shrimp Feed/Tri-Tip dinner. It is a MAJOR fundraiser to support our community service efforts. It will be held at All Hallows (church) Hall, 5605 14th Avenue, beginning at 5 pm. Please plan on being at the venue by 4 pm.  A number of people will be heading over to the venue after Friday’s meeting to begin decorating for the evening.

  We have numerous donations from the community, including sponsorships area businesses. As our cub is a 501c3 non-profit, any donations and ticket sales can be deducted for tax purposes.

   This is an ‘all hands on deck’ fundraiser. We need everyone’s participation at the event, or at the very least in other aspects.

   As of Friday morning, about 95 tickets have been sold.  Last year, we had 140 people in attendance.

   Come one, come all!


K-BLOG #20                                                                                 a publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis


   Tonight saw us in what has become a regular Wednesday night meeting, this one held at the Kiwanis Family House. Twenty members were in attendance, including Jason, Mike, The Johns (Winn and Brummer,) Charlie, President Josh, Neighbor Wayne, Bobbi, Clan Hosmann, (Bill, Stacy and Miles,) Jennie and Rich Allen Cynthia, Kylie, Anthony AND, AND, AND frequent visitor and BRAND NEW MEMBER ANGIE!!!!!  Angie’s addition brings our club to 31 and now lifts us into the ranks of ‘Large Club,’ and now requires us to have four members for an interclub.

   As Club Treasurer and KFH Operations Manager Charles N. Bussey told us that Lincoln, located somewhere in Placer County, had sent a donation of…drum roll please…$8,000! (Yeah for them!!!!!)


   January 28th, a Saturday should already be marked on your calendar, as the day for the annual fundraising Shrimp/Tri-Tip Feed, which funds many of our community service projects.  Chief Cook and Bottlewasher Charlie reports that ticket sales stand at 50, but typically sales get more brisk as the event gets closer.  We spent a considerable amount of time going over what has been done and what still needs to be done. This is an ‘all hands on deck’ project!


   Gary spent time on the all-important tasks of ‘New Member Orientation’ AND ‘Youth Protection Guidelines’ for those who work with our under-18 Service Leadership Programs. The orientation program came largely from a Kiwanis-provided Power Point Presentation, though many local aspects were stressed.  This was Gary’s second time around for the protection guidelines program, as he had presented it to one of our regular Friday morning meetings previously. Huzzahs to Gary for all of his hard work.



K-BLOG #19                                                                                 A publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis           January 6, 2017


   February 4th is the date for this year’s Mid Year-North Conference, to be held in San Ramon this year. (We were there a couple of years ago.) The cost is either $60, if you registered by today, or $65 for on-site registration.
   Numerous seminars will be held during the day, including seminars on public speaking, Social Media Marketing, Team Building Activities, the First Lady’s Project, (which involves getting nutrition into schools) and Kiwanis Partners. Transportation will be arranged.


   February 17th will be another workday for the Tahoe School book coding project, with a twist:  We will be meeting at the school, instead of at our usual location, the Kiwanis Family House.  We will be allowed to bring individual breakfast.  Details will follow in the next few weeks.


K-BLOG #18

A publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis                                                                            December 28, 2016

East Sac helps Dyer-Kelly School again

      A few days after our very successful (W)rap Party, the multitude of gifts purchased by the members, were delivered to Dyer-Kelly School by George and Tom.  Along with some other community groups, each child at the school received one gift to call their own.

   The school, located on Bell St. near Highway 80, sits in an impoverished part of Sacramento. 

   Our efforts with the school will continue.


   The club will hold a White Elephant Gift exchange this coming Friday, Decembeer 30th at the regular meeting.  Those who wish to voluntarily participate are asked to purchase a small gift, not to exceed a value of $997.97 (minus $994.97,) for exchange.  Be fun and creative and make sure everything in G-Rated.


K-BLOG #17

A publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis                                                                           December 18, 2016



   At our regular meeting on December 16th, many of us wrapped the gifts we had purchased for our kids at Dyer-Kelly Elementary School, near Howe Avenue and Highway 80 East. The gifts ranged from art supplies to a funny round shaped thing that could have been a soccer ball, a basketball, or a bowling ball. Gary brought a baby doll that he said laughed all the time, but couldn’t get it to do so during the meeting.
The gifts will be delivered before school lets out later in the week.


   We now know that it is very cold on a Sunday morning in December as Josh, Bill, Tom, Neighbor Wayne and Bobbie, along with regular guests Diana and Angie, showed up at Cesar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento, to help sort and pass out clothes, socks and food to about 100 homeless people in the park. We were working through the Clothes and Food For Everyone program, sponsored, in part, by our friends at the Greater Sacramento Kiwanis Club. In all, we chalked up about 10 hours of service.


   The club will be applying for a grant from the Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation to help with Liz Irwin’s program in the Jefferson School District in West Sacramento. Our club has endorsed her efforts as an ongoing project, to assist with homeless children.  Sacramento, West has also joined the effort.  Watch this space for further announcements.


K-BLOG #16

A Publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis                                                                        December 13, 2016


   This coming Friday, at our regular meeting, we will be wrapping our gifts for the kids at Dyer-Kelly School. Bring scissors and your little fingers to tie knots and ribbons. The gifts will then be delivered to the school before they let out for Winter Break. Chalk up another one for East Sacramento Kiwanis


      The homeless of Sacramento need socks, so we will be joining with our fellow Kiwanians of Greater Sacramento on Sunday, December 18th to pass out socks to those in need, beginning at 8 am @Cesar Chavez Park, across from City Hall.  Chalk another one up for East Sacramento Kiwanis.


   …that one amongst our ranks will be celebrating their 61st birthday this coming Sunday.  Oh, who could it be?


K-BLOG #15

A Publication of East Sacramento Kiwanis                                                                              December 11, 2016

Another day at Tahoe

   Another day at Tahoe School had one of our members completing the coding of another 30-40 books.  To date we have completed around 100 books. Another visit/work day will be scheduled, but probably not until after the new year begins.


   Raley’s on Folsom Blvd (we know the location and its direction from Howe Avenue,) was the scene of our annual bell ringing for the Salvation Army. A whole mess of us showed up, including quite a few of our new members.  We will know later, how we ‘did,’ but it is all about location. Thanx to D.W. for coordinating, again.


   The Final satellite meeting of the year will take place Wednesday, December 14th, 6 pm at Hoppy’s Brewing Company, 6300 Folsom Blvd.  Nearing Christmas, the meeting will focus on the social aspects of ES Kiwanis.  No need to sign up, just show up.  All are welcome and encouraged.


   The club will be joining with our friends at Greater Sacramento Kiwanis in passing out socks to the homeless on Sunday, December 18th at Cesar Chavez Park, across from City Hall.  Times will be announced.